Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I have been thinking a lot about the whole gay marriage debacle and how churches, bakeries and other entities are being forced to participate. Yes baking a cake for your "wedding" is participating and sitting in the pews is participating. This is something everyone needs to know! I understand not everyone is a Christian I get it but look at a christian for a moment and just think... by forcing that person sitting across from you to bake a cake may be tossing their eternity out the window... I know it's harsh but it's true. I love people and I can't stop you from making bad decisions but don't force me or anyone else to make the decision you want them to make. You want to be an independent free thinker who has the rights to live as they want but as you go down your path don't destroy mine. If you want everyone around you to be nude move to a nudist colony this is just an example but find people who want what you want live together but don't change what I have to do. Evil and good don't mix and as Christians we are not supposed to associate with evil but that doesn't mean I wont help you, or pray for you I love everyone and hope that one day we all will be ready :)

I Wish We'd All Been Ready – DC Talk

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