Saturday, July 25, 2015

God's Calling?

We all have a calling or a path God has set for us we just have to look for it sometimes in this crazy world. Today I am going to share my journey on how I found my calling and what steps I took.

First I looked at the bible and saw what it called us as Christians to do. I then took those items that jumped at me either because of an interest or feeling as though God pasted it in my mind where I could never shake it. For me what stood out was teaching, especially his word, and even though it is not something we are necessarily regularly called to do I have felt the need to provide wholesome food for people.

Once these topics stuck (teaching being one that has been in my soul since around 4th grade) I prayed about them and asked what God wanted me to do with these paths and how they could intertwine and still be productive. After a while I have seen through prayers that I can teach from my farm and show our next generation about God's word, his creation and his creatures. Whilst still giving them an education that will help them communicate what they have learned to the rest of the world.

I continually pray about my path in this world and just like the world it is always changing and building. Like I said I have been called to teach since 4th grade and now I am taking teaching and widening it to more unusual teaching matters like farming. And who knows day by day I feel as though adopting or fostering children is going to be a huge part of my life.

This was my journey and it's still going but here are some steps to start yours:

  1. Read your bible
  2. Are there any people, jobs, words or verses that jump out to you? (example: teach, herdProverbs 27:23-27)
  3. Pray, ask God why those verses or words ect...
  4. Look at your hobbies, skills and interest. How do they connect with everything?
  5. Pray for guidance to keep your choices in a field of work good in God's eyes
  6. Start taking steps or jump right in to make your calling happen.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I have been thinking a lot about the whole gay marriage debacle and how churches, bakeries and other entities are being forced to participate. Yes baking a cake for your "wedding" is participating and sitting in the pews is participating. This is something everyone needs to know! I understand not everyone is a Christian I get it but look at a christian for a moment and just think... by forcing that person sitting across from you to bake a cake may be tossing their eternity out the window... I know it's harsh but it's true. I love people and I can't stop you from making bad decisions but don't force me or anyone else to make the decision you want them to make. You want to be an independent free thinker who has the rights to live as they want but as you go down your path don't destroy mine. If you want everyone around you to be nude move to a nudist colony this is just an example but find people who want what you want live together but don't change what I have to do. Evil and good don't mix and as Christians we are not supposed to associate with evil but that doesn't mean I wont help you, or pray for you I love everyone and hope that one day we all will be ready :)

I Wish We'd All Been Ready – DC Talk