Monday, June 22, 2015

My 4-H Story....

   Well If you have ever been in 4-H or FFA you have probably heard of a record book if not then I'll go into a little detail. A record book helps to keep track of your work and our animals progress up until fair time. If you show through FFA or 4-H this is a mandatory item to have completed within a certain time before fair time. Friday was the end of my mandatory time period on which day my 4-H group had a meeting to help finish record books...

   This meeting was not set up very well though. The address and time I had been given were wrong which then made it to where I am now barred from participating in my local county fair this fall. While this is aggravating I still have opportunities to participate in other shows outside of 4-H (which I will no longer support).  For the record book however I did have to write a story about my experience so I figured I could share it with you guys.

Proverbs 27:23 ESV “Know well the condition of your flocks,
and give attention to your herds”

My 4-H Story
       I have always had a passion for animals and knowing how the animals that produced my food and other products were treated. This led me to wanting to raise my own animals but having not raised anything more than dogs I decided I needed help from an experienced group that has worked with animals; this brought me to joining my local 4-H. Joining 4-H at 17 doesn’t appear to be a common practice but for me 4-H fit what I needed more than FFA or other groups.

One of my big passions is these animals and having them as close to their natural diets and habitats as I can while still keeping them tame and healthy. My passion is also found in God’s work and helping people build better lives. This brings me to my future plans, my plan is to take my new found knowledge of agriculture and livestock, and take it to the missionary field where I can help communities build a new way of life.

Being my first year in 4-H and going to the fair I have yet to complete any projects. That said I have set many goals for myself this first year. These goals include: learning to document, learning to care for and show a goat, and increase my physical health as to better care for the animals. If I were to restart my current project I would get my animal sooner so that I had longer to work with her before fair. In addition I would also update my records more often so that I would have more detailed account of my project.

The main skills I have obtained from this project are showmanship, and hoof care. These skills were brought to me through my cousin Bethanny whom has been showing for 12+ years and one of my fellow members Lydon. One aspect that was entirely new to me was getting a 4-H loan. I went through a local bank where I explained what I would be spending the money on (animal, feed, etc.), then I had to go through and estimate as to how much money I would need to start the project and feed her until January where my loan would then need to be paid back in full.

Leadership and citizen ship are very important aspects of everyday life. Citizenship is all about helping your community to grow and become better. Whether it’s showing support for one another by putting flags up at the cemetery or gathering people together at festivals it helps to raise up the community. When a community is able to come together as one we can do amazing things and even if it is volunteer work it can open up doors for you! Leadership is a skill not many have but in times when you need help it is always great to have someone that can lead you and let you know what needs to be done.

I don’t really see that it has, there have not been many opportunities presented through my local group to be a leader or help my community. Most work that I have done has been through me being in my community. I have contributed to my community by helping set up the fall festival, laying flags at the cemetery, and while in school I often helped arrange activities and classes for the younger students.

In all honesty I have not had much support from leaders, my family and fellow 4-H members have been the main contributors to experiences I have had in 4-H. One place it has had an impact on me is my career goals as I said above I plan to take my new knowledge and apply it in the missionary field. All in all I have not been part of the group long enough to know what being a 4-H member is all about, but I hope that over time I find it more valuable.

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