Monday, June 15, 2015

A Year

If you have read some of my past posts you have probably seen me say that I wanted to become a teacher. This is no longer true and I want to guide you through my year long journey of how I found the path God created for me. God can do many great things and sometimes we only give him parts of our lives, but God created your life and he wants to be part of everything you do! This has became very prominent to me and for the past few months I have been asking God to take every part of my life and use it for his glory wether it's my work, my health, my friendships, everything. Asking for guidance in small things like what to go to school for seems petty due to all the people who need so much more but God loves everyone so much that where ever they are and whatever their situation he wants to give them the help they ask for.

A Year in Standstill: 

June 3rd 2014 I was sitting with my fellow high school seniors discussing what song we wanted played as we left the ceremony that afternoon, as my parents were at home packing up the last suit case as we prepared to move to California. In just one week I would be going on the best road trip ever with those whom I thought were my true friends. I was as happy as I could be I was about to start my life and go to college and start a career. In just 2 weeks I was going to be in my brand new house, and starting college in 3 months.

Everything was going according to plan until June 5th.... June 5th as my parents headed down to California from Washington with a truck full of all our belongings we received a phone call saying that the seller of our home no longer wanted to move out and that we would have to find a different house. Over a month later we finally found a house to live in. Once we moved in I realized no one was really talking to me they weren't responding to any messages and they didn't even let me know what was going on when I knew some serious things were happening which is why I brought them to California for the 2 weeks I could. I still don't know what has happened over a year later exactly whats happening besides one of them was getting married.

After this I started Praying to God for friendship because my parents kept wanting me to make friends but by the time August came around I realized I didn't need a friendship then I needed to really focus on my relationship with God. That's when I really started to dedicate bible time and looking through the bible anytime I was confused about something. By December I started giving my life to Christ started looking at churches and doing volunteer work for the town festivals. I had yet to start college because they wanted to charge out of state tuition since I had not yet lived here for a year. Now that I look at this though I am very glad I didn't start because I still wasn't sure what I REALLY wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted to teach in some form but I wanted to really change somethings in the world and I also wanted God to be part of my career. I went through so many options my head was spinning.

I decided I just needed to leave it with God and do what I could right now. All I could do was start applying for jobs and hoping someone hired me. Living in a town where anyone under 20 is a minority it was definitely hard to find anyone who wanted to deal with an inexperienced 17 year old. Honestly my life was on hold for 11 months I wasted an entire year of my life contemplating everything. I felt as though that was all I would ever do but I knew that I was here for a reason and I had a long and very winding road ahead of me that God had created for me. Then something amazing happened all of my volunteer work from October brought me to a job in May. The person who was running the festival actually owned one of the places I had applied for and he had seen that I was a hard worker so he decided I was perfect for the job. When I went in for what I thought was a job interview it was actually him just getting me set up on a schedule and giving me my uniform.

Once I got that job my life has really gotten back on track God has given me the best coworkers. Ones in which I feel I am meant to guide back to God after they have had some unethical teachings in the name of Christ and were somewhat traumatized. Just last night as I was watching Pitch Perfect I really started thinking about college I don't know why it just hit me. With out even thinking I asked my mom if there were any jobs that involve christianity that didn't involve becoming a pastor. We started looking through all the job options and the second I saw missionary I knew.

Why I Want to be A Missionary: 

Like I said in the beginning I have always had a passion for teaching and I love to bring knowledge to those young and old. What better to teach then the word of God! Of course I would also be able to open the doors in the realm of language and education. I would also be able to help build, change and save a community a community of souls that might not have other wised heard the gospel of Christ! Missionary work does have it's dangers and it can put you in situations where your faith might be in question but if you make it out on the other side you are just that much stronger in your relationship with him. Most of my family has been in the military at one point or another and I love the thought of protecting others and serving but I want to help all those fighting against and help them get away from all the works of the devil and sins. "Only a real risk tests the quality of a belief". Theses are words to live by and what are we really risking saving others?

The Music In My Soul:

This Is The Time – Superchick has been my theme song for this year and I really do want to live like I will die tomorrow so I'm taking a chance and going for it. My family may think I am crazy or "it's to dangerous" or that I'm not ready. Will I really ever be ready though how can I prepare for what I am going to deal with out dealing with it? I want to experience this world and have even the tiniest effect in it. Save A Life – Manic Drive will be my song for a while I strive towards saving the lost souls in the world no matter the risk.

What's Next?

Well I am going to find a church that shares my views ASAP there will be no more excuses for not going and by the end of the year I want to be baptized so that I may be sent deeper in God's word. I am now looking through course catalogs to find my classes so that I can really go for this next chapter in my life. I can not even begin to explain how happy I am that I have found this career and that I can do it!  

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