Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Getting on track

Hi long time no see!

Since I have been gone I have done a lot of work on my homestead getting heaven view ranch up and running has been a big task. While I have been trying to get my ranch going though I have drifted away from the life style I wanted to create and make available to not only my self but others as well. And do to that drift I have not been feeling very well and my body has not been recuperating nearly as fast as it usually does. Which is not good when you are working with animals all day and then going to work in the evenings.

And I know I have made promises before about my weight loss and health but I never really had any support until now. Monday me and my friend C decided that if we didn't make major changes now that we would have major health issues forever and they would just keep getting worse. She is taking it a little farther than I am do to the fact she is older and has extra health issues along with weight. I am going grain free because I know that it triggers weight gain and discomfort for me. Along with this I am starting an unprocessed diet which means I am staying on the outside aisle of the store or items off my property. C on the other hand is doing a juice detox this week and then going on an unprocessed diet such as my self. We don't have weight goals our only goal now is to feel good and be healthy.

Not only do I have someone riding through this with me but I am asking God to help keep this in my heart so that I may have more days to share his love with the world. I am thankful God has given me the help I needed and the opportunity to workout with a meaning (which is basically anything that pertains to the farm). Not going to have much time to sit on my butt anymore so I am praying that with this rise in activity level I will excel in my weight loss journey.

I don't know why this is weighing on my mind so much but I feel this is really important to say.

If you have an eating disorder wether it anorexia or emotional eating please talk to someone. Let anyone that will listen know you can even email me I would love to help you out and get you to where you need to be!  

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