Monday, December 15, 2014

17 years of life

    Today is my last day being 16 years old! Time has flown and I am very happy with the things I have accomplished. There are many many things I want to complete in my 17th year of life and many things I want to change before I start my journey. Some of the things I want to change are listed in my 169 day transformation.

    These included:
  • losing weight
  • growing out my hair
  • get rid of my acne 
  • become generally healthier 
    Today I decided I wanted to add a few more changes and some goals:
  • start doing my nails more often
  • start college
  • dress nicer
  • find out who my true friends are
  • make more friends
  • devote more time to the bible
  • expand my vocabulary
  • finish writing 2 or more of my books
  • become a true activist
  • distribute my Pro-information books to planned parenthood
  • play more with my dogs
  • start a garden
  • own at least 2 chickens

    If you counted that is 17 changes or goals that I want to accomplish by December 16, 2015. Some of these will be harder than others but I will try to attain as many as possible.

   Always remember that you have a place in this world you were placed on this earth to affect someones life. I pray that God blesses you all and that you all have an amazing Christmas.

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