Friday, December 5, 2014

169 days

169 days until i get to go visit my friends i haven't seen in 6 months a year by the time I get to visit again! The number 1 reason i am posting about this is because I want to do an entire transformation before i see my friends again. I want to loose weight, become healthier, grow out my hair and get rd of my acne.

Right now this seems like a big task for me but i am determined!
Here are my goals:

  1. Lose 2 dress sizes or more currently i am between 12 and 14
  2. Cut out ALL processed foods and eat 80% or more organic
  3. I want to grow out my hair 4 inches or more
  4. Have healthier skin and get rid of most of my acne
I will try to post tips and tricks to achieve these every once and a while. Today I will go ahead and tell you what I am doing to grow out my hair.
  1. Wash my hair less (every 3 days)
  2. Not brushing or combing my hair when its wet
  3. Oiling the ends of my hair
  4. Wearing it up while I sleep
  5. Head massages
  6. And not playing with it!
My hair is currently about 13 inches long a little below my shoulder. 

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