Wednesday, November 19, 2014


    So today I was thinking that the informative book I am writing on abortion really isn't a novel I should pause it for now and write an actual novel since it is nanowrimo. My novel is now called Dawn of Faith. This is a very quick rough and not finalized synopsis of the book:

"Book idea- a young girl that lives in a country that persecutes Christians and since she is a Christian they put out a warrant for her. But before she gets captured she wants to make sure there is enough evidence to convict her for being a Christian. Sh begins to graffiti crosses around her neighborhood in [?].  every day at noon she broadcast to the entire town and though neighboring the message of God each day having a new lesson. After a few weeks of being on the run the young girl is running down an ally away from the police when she is quickly swept to the side into a dark building. Once in the building and the militants pass by a young man begins to talk to her and ask questions about God he had never heard of God until he heard her  broadcast and has so many questions everyday she teaches him more and more about God they go on the run together and begin to hold services as they move across the country together."
After this month I will continue my informative book but for now this is my project. Even though it's not that big of a need I think that a good christian book is a necessity in todays world so I'll give it a shot.

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