Thursday, November 13, 2014


Over the past months there has been a lot of war on religion and I feel like each day we are loosing more and more sense of not only our religion but general morals. As a Christian this is very disheartening because I strive to be a light in this dark world as do many others and it makes us feel as if we are not doing our job. Scrolling through my news feed on facebook I see many things that prove that we our abusing our freewill and will soon feel the wrath of our choices. 

Just today I found an article about the Pope wanting us (Christians) to learn how to coexist with muslims; how can you coexist with a group of people that want to see you suffer and die. I for one can not get my brain around this thought. This is not just based off opinion either, there have been many christians in the middle east that were told to convert to islam or die; there is one woman on trial today that will be hung for her faith.

Which brings me to two things 1) would you die for your faith? I for one would no matter how cruel the death. 2) If you were arrested for being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict you? If you are having trouble answering this for yourself think about it; do you openly talk about the Lord, do you invite others to walk in Jesus' name, do you talk to God and lastly do you live life the way God wants you to? I'll let you think about those for awhile but to continue on let's just talk about this. Jesus Christ died on a cross for your sins he bore all of the punishment for you and he says that even if it were for even just one of us he would die the same death again. This is just 2 questions of many that will test your faith, God gives us hardships so that we may prove that we trust and believe in him.

We must also question our morals there is almost no sense of right or wrong these days. Everyday women are killing their unborn children and everyday people are stripped of their basic human rights. Rights that us Americans (or other developed countries) take for granite each day and actually think exist but if you really think about it are all of your rights, our God given rights, really in tack. There are so many things wrong with todays society but in order to change the world we must change our selves and make these wrongs seen. We must change ourselves in order to be a city on a hill, a hill the whole world will look up to and strive to become.


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