Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Prepper=Afraid uhmmm no.

Am I a prepper? 


Am I afraid?


   So as I said above I am a prepper most people assume that we (preppers) as a community are panicked or living in fear. While the majority of us are just going with the flow trying to live our normal lives. In my free time I can, fish, garden, and anything that can ensure my survival in the future if something were to happen. But I live my life every day knowing I am safe.

   Another assumption is that we are "fear-mongers"; to me this is the exact opposite of what we are about every day on the news we see people being killed, disease spreading rampant through the world, and what do us preppers do? We tell you and aide you in preventing these awful things from happening to your family. 

If we secluded our thoughts to just preppers in America; they are probably the most fearless, patriotic, strong, courages and opinionated people you would ever meet. to me these are all very good traits because those are a few of the things I strive to be in my every day life. A lot of people who do read this are going to say she's just been brain washed to think this but no you have been brain washed not to think that way. I've grown up in a conservative household that has encouraged me to learn facts from every where, use reasoning and go my own way. So if that's what you consider brain washing then yeah I'm brain washed and I'm proud of it. My opinions and thoughts are what I hold true to and it would take an over abundance of evidence to change where I stand.   

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