Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Physical Prepping

Hey everyone my name is Erin and I have to admit I am out of shape. As of right now I have decided to set aside all of my preps and focus on building my body strength and immune system, because what is the point of me being prepared if I can't defend my preps or I am not healthy enough to use them. The second reason I have decided to get in shape is because me and my sister were talking about doing the Color Run and I figured being able to run this 5k would be a great fitness goal

I started last night but my digs woke me up every thirty minutes so I was to tired to do my morning exercises. Tonight will be my official start of my routine.
Here it is:
Walk every afternoon for at least 20 min for the first week
Rest one day each week
Sit ups add 10 each week (start 20)
body twist (right leg to left arm, left leg to right arm) 50
12 burpees

This is what my plan is as of right now but I will post a schedule later this week.


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