Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Ebola and our world......

  So as of this morning there are now 2 more cases of Ebola in Texas. The victims are 2 nurses that attempted to save Thomas Duncan (patient zero) after he had traveled to Dallas, Texas from Liberia to receive treatment in America. One of the now infected nurses was found traveling by plane while exhibiting symptoms of the very disease she watched kill a man just one week ago. Even if we were to trust the CDC with their statement that you are only contagious when exhibiting symptoms; This means that she has now infected at least 132 people on flight 1143 Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth on October 13th and possibly more on flight 1142 October 10th if she had misreported her symptoms.   
  These possible cases have an even higher risk of becoming ill, because CIDRAP is now reporting that the disease can be spread through aerosol particles such as exhaled breath thus making Ebola air born. CIDRAP is also reporting that the basic surgical mask that are currently being used to protect our medical staff are completely ineffective against EBOLA! Which means that those caring for Ebola patients must now wear full-hooded protective gear and powered air-purifying respirators.

   This post was not made to make you panic just info. The info in this post has made me think more about my preps and making me step them up a little. These steps include becoming healthier, taking precautions while traveling, stocking up more food and learning how to keep myself safe.

   I am now making sure that I can stay on place for 21 or more days which means I must have food, water, power, and for sanity reasons entertainment. If there is a sudden spike in cases I will be staying put and making sure others I know are doing the same. If you must go out in public please be observant of those around you and stay clear of anything you feel may be a "germ hub". I pray that everyone stays safe and this is just a scare. I believe that we as a people, a country, and world we can beat any trouble that comes our way as long  as we stay in touch with God and listen to what he has to say. 

Pray to God and Prep on.   


   CDC now reporting that the 2nd nurse (Amber Vinson) may have been showing signs of a fever on October 10 the day of her first flight going to Cleveland. They are now requesting that those on flight 1142 from Dallas to Cleveland contact them as soon as possible. With this information just now coming to the surface the Frontier airliner that she was on had never been quarantined and has carried at least 12 more flights with 100's of more passengers. This plane has since traveled to WA, CA, AZ, PA, NC, FL and DE; these flights also including one international flight that I can not yet find the name of the destination. Without even thinking about flights her being symptomatic when she arrived in Cleveland, Ohio means that those she were visiting and those that she came in contact with in Cleveland are now at risk.

   Along with the info on the nurse the CDC is now changing the incubation from 2-21 days to 2-42 day that the ambulance and people that came in contact with Thomas Duncan could still be caring the virus in them and not know it. With colder weather coming closer every day this could quickly spring into a pandemic due to the fact that Ebola thrives in cold & wet conditions and can live on surfaces even longer.


Physical Prepping

Hey everyone my name is Erin and I have to admit I am out of shape. As of right now I have decided to set aside all of my preps and focus on building my body strength and immune system, because what is the point of me being prepared if I can't defend my preps or I am not healthy enough to use them. The second reason I have decided to get in shape is because me and my sister were talking about doing the Color Run and I figured being able to run this 5k would be a great fitness goal

I started last night but my digs woke me up every thirty minutes so I was to tired to do my morning exercises. Tonight will be my official start of my routine.
Here it is:
Walk every afternoon for at least 20 min for the first week
Rest one day each week
Sit ups add 10 each week (start 20)
body twist (right leg to left arm, left leg to right arm) 50
12 burpees

This is what my plan is as of right now but I will post a schedule later this week.


Friday, October 3, 2014

The real beginning

Ok so I did not start this blog out very well but tonight I was inspired to start again. 
Well here it goes.

For those just joining the party I am what most seem to consider a "radical conservative" which mainly means I think for myself and don't always agree with politics; I am also a devoted christian who seeks God daily and tries to bring him to others. Right now you probably think I'm going to start talking about my 20 kids or my time serving over seas, but I'm not because I don't have 20 kids because well I'm only 16 and while I have many family members serving I am not. Nor am I going to start talking like a "redneck farmer" (even though I am one) because, in just 3 months I will be a college student heading down the road towards my career as a teacher. I wanted to start like this because I know this is what almost everyone thinks. Why do I say this? Well last year while taking Political science 101 at my local community college I was ridiculed by not only the teacher but entire class and even graded poorly because of my OPINIONS; why anyone would think this would be okay I have no clue but it happened. This set a fire under my butt to make me work even harder to share my thoughts and OPINIONS (one reason for this blog). I felt the need to show everyone the lies they were being fed by everyone in the world, people needed facts, truths and a place where they could THINK FOR THEMSELVES. 

  Individuality is the most important commodity in the world today because everyone wants to fit in when we were built for a specific task that only WE can do. The world seems to be set on creating perfect little robots that all get a pluses in every subject and follows what ever the current leader says. God made us all with our quirks because he loves to look through our eyes and see the world as you do. You are who you are for a reason so just go for it and do what you want. Thanks for reading my blog it means a lot and I hope that my words and thoughts one day impact someone who is out there; and "remember God made special, and he loves you very much"(bob the tomato).