Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Favorite Verse

    Hey everyone so today is my first favorite verse blog and I just wanted to explain to you all how this type of post works. Each day I read a chapter of the book I am currently studying in the Bible and once I complete that chapter I choose a verse or group of verses that really stand out to me. After I read a couple chapters or I happen along a verse that I must share, I will then post it here and explain what I thought about this verse in conjunction with other verses that help portray an overall thought. Feel free to share your favorite verses and links to your blogs in the comments!

    James 2:10 is my favorite verse of the week so far, because it explains that if you break one of the 10 commandments you might as well of broken them all. This is not saying however that if you have committed a sin you can never be saved for god is very forgiving and he shows us this in verse 1 John 1:9.

In this verse God welcomes you to come and wash away your sins so that you may begin again. This new beginning allows you to walk on a more righteous path with less sins, a path that will lead you to heaven. In order for this new beginning to help you must help yourself by not only repenting but changing your life so that sin may never enter your heart again.

For our God does love us and wants us to join him in heaven but we must show that we believe in him and want to be with him there.
Enjoy this song from the Newsboys on Youtube I feel that it will really just wrap up this whole post for you.

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