Monday, September 8, 2014

Faith Journal- How to Start

Today is all about Faith Journaling and how to start your own. Below are some of the things that I include in my journal, If you want to se my inspiration for this journal follow my Faith Journal board on Pinterest.

  1. Record your prayers- If you record your prayers and occasionally look back at them then you will be able to see how God has answered you.
  2. Favorite Verses- Write down the verses that really speak to you or you just like. This week my favorite verse was James 1:22 "But be ye doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves"
  3. Bible challenges/studies- Complete your devotions or bible studies in this book so you can see how the studies relate to your life. You can even make up your own challenges, one that I just found was that you take at least five minutes of your day to copy down complete books of the bible word for word.
  4. Blessings- Write down all the things God has done for you so that on those rainy days you can go back and see that the good things in life are so much better and more prominent in your life than the bad things in life.
  5. Diaries- Write down things about your day; this can help you see what you need to improve on, what you need to change and enable you to have memories on hand.
  6. Notes- Write down notes about certain verses, record what meaning they have for you and how you relate to the people God or Jesus is talking to in the verse.
  7. Respond- Talk to God, read his word and talk to him about it act as if it is a letter directly sent to you.
  8. Ask yourself questions- Talk to yourself about the verses you read, ask yourself if you are following the words of God.
  9. Have Fun- Draw pictures, make funny cute reminders and have fun.

What do you put in your faith journal? Comment below! 

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