Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Faith journal 2

So as of December 16 of 2013, my 16th birthday, I have had a plan for me to complete certain life goals by the time I turn 20.

First I wanted to graduate along with the class of 2014. √
Then one that I just wanted to complete before my 20th birthday, was to take a trip with my friends.√
Find a job anywhere!
Start college fall of 2014
Graduate college with a BA in early childhood development by my 20th birthday

All of these were 100% achievable until I realized out of state tuition was three times the normal price of my courses. Even though I do live in the state where I am attending college they will not consider me a resident. This made me start doubting I would ever be able to complete my goals. While I now see that not all of my goals are achievable do to certain circumstances; I also realize that God has a plan. In this plan he has us reach milestones at a moment in time and not a second sooner.

I'm putting this problem in God's hands and praying that he guides me towards my goals. I will strive everyday to fulfill this plan but if it's not meant to happen it won't. 

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